The truth is, I am looking for a job and so now is not the time to stop and smell the flowers, at least for me.

I ask myself, what kind of headline is "Spring Time Flowers" anyways? How is that type of headline supposed to inspire confidence? Everybody knows it is Spring and there are flowers everywhere. I am in the business of looking for a job, not announcing on my blog the obvious.

Looking back, it almost makes me sick I typed it. It is time for my Spring PUSH into employment not to blog about SPRING TIME FLOWERS. I hope you like the flower photos though.

Spring Time Flowers

THE HOUR-HAND OF LIFE.—Life consists of rare single moments of the greatest importance, and of countless intervals during which, at best, the phantoms of those moments hover around us. Love, the Spring, every fine melody, the mountains, the moon, the sea—all speak but once fully to the heart, if, indeed, they ever do quite attain to speech. For many people have not those moments at all, and are themselves intervals and pauses in the symphony of actual life. ~Friedrich Nietzsche, HUMAN, ALL TOO HUMAN, aphorism 586 1

Spring FlowersSpring Flowers

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